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Experience a wildlife odyssey in India with India Wildlife Tours. India is reputed to be the home to the finest game parks and tiger reserves, which offer a stunning array of wildlife. India Wildlife Tours presents tours, which have been specially designed to take you to discover some of India's well-known national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. The highlights of these wildlife tours are the exciting jeep safari and elephant rides in "Project Tiger" wildlife reserves at World famous Ranthambore, Bandhavgarh and Kanha National Parks. As a result of initiatives taken in the field of conservation, these parks have seen a significant increase in the number of tigers, which were once on the verge of extinction.

National Parks in India at a Glance :
• Area of India : 3,28,7263 km2 (approx.)
• Total National Parks in India : 89
• Area Covered By National Parks in India : 37,526.90 km2 (approx.)

About Wildlifes in India :
India's wildlife is both rich and varied. More than 4% of India's land is under forest cover. The country is one of the 12-mega diversity areas in the world, in terms of animal population. India has always been a home to a rich diversity of wildlife supplemented by an equally rich variety of flora and fauna. Watching birds and animals in their natural habitats is an experience in itself.The country offers immense opportunities for wildlife tourism. The immense heritage of wildlife in India comprises of more than 90 national parks and about 490 wildlife sanctuaries including the bird sanctuaries.

A paradise for the nature lovers, these forest areas are also crucial for the conversation of the endangered species like the Bengal Tiger, Lion, Leopard, Siberian Crane and the Asiatic Elephant. Spread across the length and breadth of India, the reserves and forest areas span- right from the Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan to the Hazaribagh Wildlife Sanctuary in Bihar, from the foothills of Himalayas, the Jim Corbett National Park to six national parks in Andaman. The Indian Wildlife circuit isunmatched by any other experience.Elephant, Deer, Panther, Wild buffalo, Wild ass, the one horned Rhinoceros, Porcupine, Snow Leopards, etc., are some of the animals you can spot in the Himalayan region.India harbors eighty percent of the entire population of the one horned rhinoceros in the world. The Kaziranga Game Sanctuary is an ideal habitat for the rhino and a popular destination with the naturalists and environmentalists as well as the wildlife traveler.

National Parks in India :
As per the National Wildlife Database of July 2004, there are 92 national parks in India spreading over an area of 38,570 kms, which happens to be 1.17% of the geographical area of the country. In addition to the above, 74 national parks covering an area of 16,630 kms are proposed in the Protected Area Network Report. The network of parks will go up to 166 after full implementation of the above report. Maximum numbers of parks exist in size class less than 100-500 kms and there are 7 parks, having more than 5,000 kms.

---Bandhavgarh National Park ---Bandipur National Park
---Bharatpur National Park ---Corbett National Park
---Dachigam National Park ---Dudhwa National Park
--»- Sunderban National Park ---Kanha National Park
---Kaziranga National Park --»- Simlipal National Park
--»- Sariska National Park ---Ranthambore National Park